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Honda CBR150R vs Suzuki GSX-R150 vs Yamaha R15, 0-100 Km/h Test

“Are you confuse to choose which one between Yamaha R15 v3, Honda CBR150RR, or Suzuki GSX-R150?”

“RevsPassion now will discuss only about the engine performance sector. For the other factors, I think it’s about taste and preferences or familiarity.”

Suzuki-GSX-R150-vs-Honda-CBR150R-vs-Yamaha-R15 v3 2018

“This the result table from each motorcycle by a trusted and credible automotive media in Indonesia. For now, let’s assume that all the data is accurate.”

GSX-R150 vs CBR150R vs R15 v3 | Performance

0-60 KM/hour (KPH)4.2 s4.3 s4 s
0-80 KM/hour (KPH)6.8 s7.2 s6.6 s
0-100 KM/hour (KPH)11.4 s11.9 s10.4 s
0-100 M7.3 s7.2 s7.1 s
82.4 kph80.3 kph83.7 kph
0-201 M11.2 s11.3 s11 s
99.3 kph97.9 kph102.5 kph
0-402 M18 s18.1 s17.5 s
at 113.9 kphat 114.4 kphat 120.5 kph
Top Speed (On Speedometer)148 kph143 kph149 kph
Fuel Consumption35 KM/L43 KM/L46 KM/L

“We can conclude based on the table that Yamaha R15 is indeed superior almost on all parameters in this engine sector.”

“But how the CBR150R is really close to GSX-R150?”

“It’s because the CBR150R has the near square engine, good in low rpm, but limited in very high rpm, and the test is only up to 0-401 km.”

“For daily riding, CBR150R probably better than GSX-R150”

“But for you all that want a pure performance sport bike, GSX-R150 probably more suitable for you”

“While for Yamaha R15 v3, it has good performance in low rpm, better than the CBR, but also has VVA that active from around 7000 rpm, it produce better power as well in high rpm to compete with the GSX.”

“So the verdict; CBR150R has good engine for daily rides, powerful engine in low rpm. But GSX-R150 has beautiful engine for high rpm, it’s pure overbore DOHC. While the R15 has both the advantages, good in low and high rpm, also, the fuel consumption is the best.”

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