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Is This The All New Yamaha R3/ R25 2019?

Rumor said that the All New Yamaha R3 or in some other countries called R25, will be officially announced in 2nd semester of 2018. The unit itself probably will be available for consumers next year, but let’s hope it can be faster than that.

Yamaha R3 and R25 as we know already 4 years old, and almost 5 years old next year. It’s time for the baby R1 to be reborn in an all new bike.

Based on rumor and leaks, we should know that the next generation of R3/ R25 will use Upside down fork or inverted fork in gold color made by Kayaba. The design will be change quite major but still maintain some original design from current R25/R3.

Couple days ago, there was a spyshot of what people believe is the all new R25/ R3 2019. Unfortunately, the quality of image is really poor, this is actually quite strange.

Yamaha R3 leak spyshot
By IwanBanaran

From the photo, looks like the headlight still maintain in dual headlight with an air dam in the centre. The shape probably will not be as aggressive as the current R3/ R25.

The man who shot the photo said that the exhaust sound of this bike is louder than the current gen. The rear design is not that different from current generation though, he adds. Well, that’s quite disappointing although it can give better posture for the rear passenger seat.

Anyway, we can’t believe 100% that this spyshot is the all new Yamaha R3/ R25, but I myself quite sure, yes, this is it!!  The next generation of Yamaha R25 or R3.

Let’s just be patient, this bike is almost certain will be launched before the end of 2018, so let’s just wait and see, don’t forget, save your money because maybe this is the bike for you.

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