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0-100 Km/hour Test: Honda CBR250RR vs Kawasaki Ninja 250 vs Yamaha R25

There are 3 biggest players in 2 cylinders 250cc class sportbike; Yamaha R25, Kawasaki Ninja 250, and Honda CBR250RR.

Yamaha R25 as the oldest one has lowest power compared to the other two, but for the acceleration, R25 is not that behind.

CBR250RR is still the most powerful compared to the two rivals, cannot wait for the All New Yamaha R25 that based on rumour will be the most powerful.

As for Ninja 250 2018 generation, comes with new engine, new chassis, and everything is almost all new. The power is in one level with CBR250RR, but because of one factor or two, the acceleration is still slower than the CBR250RR that uses Throttle by Wire while Ninja 250 and R25 is not.

ninja-250-2018-vs-cbr250rr-vs-r25-0-100 km per hour test

The data below is based on public information and test report by one of the most credible media in Indonesia (Otomotifnet). Of course we cannot believe in only one source.

Let’s check out that reports for all three bikes.

Yamaha YZF-R25 (gen 2014-2018)

Power: 35,54 HP (26,5 kW)/12.000 rpm

Torque: 22,6 Nm/10.000 rpm

0-60 km/hour: 3,1 s
0-80 km/hour: 4,7 s
0-100 km/hour: 7 s
0-100 m: 6,3 s
0-201 m: 9,7 s
0-402 m: 15,5 s

Top speed on speedometer: 170 km/hour
Top speed on Racelogic: 158,4 km/hour
Fuel Consumption (average): 22,7 km/lt

All New Honda CBR250RR (gen 2016-2018)

Power: 38,3 HP (38,7 PS) at 12.500 rpm

Torque: 23,3 Nm at 11.000 rpm

0-60 km/hour: 2,8 s
0-80 km/hour: 4,2 s
0-100 km/hour: 6,2 s
0-100 m: 6,1 s (@98,6 km/h)
0-201 m: 9,3 s (@122,3 km/h)
0-402 m: 14,7 s (@144 km/h)
Top speed on speedometer: 179 km/h
Top speed on Racelogic: 167,4 km/h
Average Fuel Consumption: 24 km/lt

All New Kawasaki Ninja 250 (gen 2018)

Power: 38,6 HP at 12.500 rpm

Torque: 23,5 Nm at 10.000 rpm.

0-60 km/h: 2,9 s
0-80 km/h: 4,6 s
0-100 km/h: 6,7 s
0-100 m: 6,3 s (@96,1 km/h)
0-201 m: 9,6 s (@119,3 km/h)
0-402 m: 15,1 s (@139,2 km/h)
Top speed on speedometer: 174 km/h
Top speed on Racelogic: 162,2 km/h
Fuel Consumption: 25,5 km/L

Now, let’s check the comparison table!

ninja-250-2018-vs-cbr250rr-vs-r25-0-100 km per hour test acceleration
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Performance Comparison Table; CBR250RR vs R25 vs Ninja 250

R25CBR250RRNinja 250
Power35,54 HP/12.000 rpm38,3 HP/12.500 rpm38,6 HP/12.500 rpm
Torque22,6 Nm/10.000 rpm23,3 Nm/11.000 rpm23,5 Nm/10.000 rpm.
0-60 km/h3.1 second2.8 s2.9 s
0-80 kph4.7 second4.2 s4.6 s
0-100 km/h7 second6.2 s6.7 s
0-100 m6.3 second6.1 s6.3 s
0-201 m9.7 second9.3 s9.6 s
0-402 m15.5 second14.7 s15.1 s
Top Speed (Speedo)170 Km per hour179 Km/hour174 Km/h
Top Speed (R-Logic)158.4 KPH167.4 Km/h162.2 Km/hour
Fuel Consumption22.7 Km/Litre24 Km/l25.5 Km/l

Honda CBR250RR clearly is the most powerful, fastest on stock condition. Then there is Ninja 250 2018 that comes very close to the CBR. As the R25, for the price; It’s still a very interesting sportbike.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the kr 250cc 0 to 60km, 0to 80km, 0 to 100km

    I use to have one back in the 80s and nothing could beat me off the mark