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New (Small-Medium) Bikes Before The End of 2019

New bikes are coming to some countries this year, especially to Indonesia and perhaps Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, and some others as well.

There are still several big automotive events coming before the end of 2019. For some developing countries, there are also some good small bikes that are already waited for quite some times. Let’s check the near-future bikes…

Yamaha XSR155/XSR125

Based on some rumours, quote strong though with even some proofs, Yamaha will launch the smaller brother of XSR family. It is based on Yamaha MT-15 that just launched some times ago. Yamaha XSR155 will be a modern classic bike, even more retro than the big brothers.

Yamaha XSR125 155 2019 2020
Credit; JulakSenDieDeSign Via TMCBlog

The price probably will be higher than the MT-15 and will use many common parts with it. XSR155 is expected will coming with inverted fork in the front and banana style arm, just like the MT-15 and R15 V3.

It is supposedly to be a handsome bike, I think I will fall for it.. Hope it will be affordable.

Yamaha MT-25/MT-03

Yamaha is also expected to do a refreshment for the Yamaha MT-25. Based on some rumours, it will use the headlights design similar to the MT-15 and bigger MT series brothers.

I expect inverted fork in the front, just like the New Yamaha YZF-R3. As the engine, I am quite sure it will use the same engine as the R3 and almost identical with the pre-facelift MT-03.

Honda ADV250/ ADV300

This is quite surprising for me if Honda will surely launch the bigger version of ADV150. Many Indonesian motorcyclists are waiting for an adventure medium scooter. Honda ADV250 will use the Honda Forza 300 as the base and also use the identical engine.

For this medium scooter, I am sure the price will be “serious” for some developing countries. It will be more expensive than the Honda Forza which is already more expensive compared to the rival, XMAX.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX250

It was an old rumour, coming again before it’s truly gone, if they do not launch this new small 4 cylinder bike before the end of 2019.

Why are they even talk about a 4-cylinder 250cc bike if they don’t really want to build it?! And now, some inside people told us that, it’s true that Kawasaki already built the All New ZX250, it’s already in the final product and is ready to be launched.

Well.. we should wait several next months…

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