Last week I visited a Yamaha dealer in my city and then meet the so called All New Yamaha R15 4th generation MY 2022.

Yamaha R15 4th gen 2022 vs 3rd gen
R15 4th gen and 3rd gen side by side

What I like the most about this new Yamaha R15 2022 is the new front design that followed the bigger brother which is Yamaha R7. The headlight is a projector LED and accompanied by two day time running light.

Yamaha R15 4th gen 2022 headlights

Second thing about Yamaha R15 that I like is the overall packaging that actually similar to the 3rd gen R15 and it’s not bad. Start with the Delta Box, the sporty rear design, the banana style swing arm, and the Kayaba inverted front suspension fork.

Yamaha R15 4th gen 2022 vs 3rd gen 2021

What make me a little disappointed is the fact that the engine is very similar to the 3rd gen R15 that born in 2017; 5 years ago.

The ergonomic position of this new Yamaha R15 is very sporty. It will sometimes makes us quite tired after riding for a while especially in urban streets.

Yamaha R15 4th gen 2022 riding position

It is similar to the 3rd gen R15 anyway. The seat height also higher than some rivals such as Honda CBR150R and GSX-R150. Yamaha R15 4th gen has 81,5 Cm seat height. It is still safe for 165cm height body to ride this bike. For under 165 Cm, it will be quite a challenge to ride the 4th gen R15.

Small change on the windshield gives better aerodynamic to the 4th gen R15. It will also gives higher top speed.

Yamaha R15 4th generation 2022 TOP SPEED

Yamaha R15 4th gen 2022 fuel tank

Based on test in Sentul circuit some times ago, Yamaha R15 2022 (non M) got 141-142 km/ hour in the same spot and it is higher than R15 3rg gen that got 137 km/hour. There is only 4-5 km/hour difference but it’s quite good for the bike that has the same engine as the 3rd gen. The Assist & Slipper Clutch are still there as well, make it easier to shift gears and avoid gear locking when doing shift down.

Other interesting features of Yamaha R15 2022

4th gen R15 has Yamaha Motorcycle Connect to gives us easy access for important information via our phone.

Yamaha R15 4th gen 2022 side

If you want to get much changes in 4th gen R15 then you should consider the M version with quite price differences. But with the M version, you will get Quick Shifter, ABS, Sportier design, new dashboard design, big bike start button and engine kills switch, and Traction Control System. All these features are important for your safety when riding the Yamaha R15 2022 in various conditions.

Yamaha R15 4th Gen 2022 Specifications

Yamaha R15 4th gen 2022 black and blue

Engine Specs:

  • Type : Liquid cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, 4 Valve, VVA
  • Cylinder : 1 cylinder 155.09 cc
  • Bore x Stroke : 58.0 x 58.7 mm
  • Compression ratio : 11.6 : 1
  • Maximum power : 14.2 kW/ 10.000 RPM
  • Maximum torque : 14.7 Nm/ 8500 RPM

Chassis Specs:

  • Type : Deltabox
  • Front suspension : Telescopic Fork (Inverted)
  • Rear suspension : Mono-shock with link.
  • Front tyre : 100/80-17M/C
  • Rear tyre : 140/70-17M/C
  • Brake : Disc (rear and front)

Dimension Specs:

  • Dimension : 1990 x 725 x 1135 mm
  • Wheelbase : 1325 mm
  • Ground clearance : 170 mm
  • Seat height : 815 mm
  • Weight : 137 Kg (140 Kg for M version)
  • Fuel tank capacity : 11 liter

Yamaha R15 4th gen 2022 rear

My conclusion for the Yamaha R15 2022 is that it is still of course a good bike. I also can say that this bike is the best in its class. Compared to the 3rd generation is not that big change in performance and riding quality. The new design is clearly better than the 3rd gen. If you want more, better consider the Yamaha R15M.

Meet the New Yamaha R15 4th Gen 2022
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